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Windows are not just about selecting frame colors, it’s about improving energy efficiency and reducing heat loss in your home. Get in touch with an experienced Window Master to find out more.

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With over 30 years experience in the Canberra building industry and more than 15 years in the window industry you can rest assured that your Window Master has the knowledge and experience to provide the right window solution.

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Aluminium Window Frames

Aluminium windows are the affordable, durable, and low maintenance window system. Available in a large range of colours and glazing options to provide comfort and reduce energy costs which will increase the star rating and value of your home.

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Timber Window Frames

Timber windows will provide you the timeless elegance that only Western Red Cedar can. Available in a variety of configurations, timber has additional benefits of being highly thermal efficient, able to be painted or stained to suit your look.

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Composite Window Frames

Innovative design of composite windows combines the beauty and warmth of Western Red Cedar internally with modern, functional, low maintenance powder coated aluminium externally. Composite windows allow you the opportunity to have differing colour schemes in side and out. Also very thermally efficient these windows will add value, style, and comfort.

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Difference between Double Glazing and Low-e Glass

Double glazing is an insulated glass unit( IGU) made up of two pieces of glass which are bonded to a perimeter spacer forming an air gap. The spacer contains a dessicant which eliminates any moisture during the manufacture of the double glazed unit. The glass make up and spacer size can be varied to suit your thermal requirements and sound control. Low Emissivity glass ( Low E) has a thin metal coating (soft Low E) or a pyrolytic coating (hard low E). High transmission/low-e glass has a coating that allows daylight from the sun to pass into the house but limits the amount of the heat gained to escape back through the window. Low transmission/low-e glass has a coating that reduces the amount of solar heat gain while still maintaining good levels of visible light transmission.

Strata and commercial window work

Window Masters can provide solutions for replacement of windows for unit blocks and the supply and installation of commercial windows and doors in multi storey developments.

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How to choose between Stack-a-door verses Bi-fold doors?

Stacking doors are an affordable option allowing you to make a connection to your external living areas while maintaining functionality and sliding screens. These are available in 3 or 6 panels depending on the opening size. Bi-fold doors will give you total exposure to your outdoor living areas bringing you closer than ever to your pool or entertaining areas. Bi-fold doors will allow the maximum use of your existing opening.

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Window Masters provides knowledge, expertise that can only come from experience. 30 years in the building industry and 15 years with one of the country's leading window companies has given Window Masters the confidence to provide you with outstanding customer service, guidance, and cost effective solutions to your window and door requirements.


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